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Maximus Toys

More than 10 years Ukrainian company "Maximus" successfully engaged in the production of high-quality plastic toys.                                                                                 Despite the fact that little time has passed, our toys have already become hits sales not only in Ukraine but also in neighboring countries. This success is easy to explain, because the main criteria, which corresponds to our products are high quality and absolute safety for children's health, as evidenced by hygienic conclusions and certificates.

All toys of "Maximus" made exclusively from environmentally friendly polymers with the addition of safe dyes known European companies. After careful consideration of our toys have been approved by the Interagency artistic and technical council of toys and educational and entertaining books of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and recommended for use as a game manuals for child development.

Today we are pleased to offer more than 100 plastic toys, which confirmed the author's unique patents. The range of products we produce are constantly expanding. One of the main success factors "Maximus" is a flexible work environment that we have provided to wholesalers.
Wide range of toys, the best combination of price and quality, personal approach to each buyer discount system - all to achieve maximum success in mutually beneficial cooperation.

We strive to present our toys in every region of Ukraine. Today our warehouses are in most areas, and every year the number is growing. We welcome you, too. Our managers will gladly answer all your questions.